PlayStation 5 instead of potatoes. This is how I nibble on waiting

PlayStation 5 instead of potatoes.  This is how I nibble on waiting

PlayStation 5 is still a scarce commodity. It is hardly surprising that the sellers, after getting the delivery, want to earn extra. Someone seems to have suffered now, however.

There is no need to make anyone aware of how difficult it is to get PlayStation 5. No wonder the sellers are over their ears to get the most out of the scarce supply. The technique of offering the console is in the lead only in large packages, with obligatory games and accessories. But apparently this is not enough, as the Walmart chain, wildly popular in the USA, is convincing.

As the store informs, the next delivery of PS5 consoles will arrive on Cyber ​​Monday, this coming Monday. This time the myk is that preemption Walmart Plus subscribers will receive.

PlayStation 5 like potatoes

Walmart Plus is valued at $ 13. (about PLN 54) per month logistics services package, providing, inter alia, free delivery of selected goods and the ability to pay for purchases in a physical store through the app, without queuing. In a word, such a more complex Allegro Smart.

Officially, the network explains that the goal is to screen out traders who would like to buy the device only for resale. However, it is difficult to say how they would be induced to do so by paying the subscription, because by looking at second-hand PlayStation 5 prices, they will earn anyway. Meanwhile, Walmart makes it clear that you have to buy a subscription.

The 15-day trial period, which can be activated for free, does not apply to the PS5. Anyway, the Walmart Plus package itself only partially covers electronics, because the free delivery included in it mainly concerns food products; vegetables, fruit or baked goods.

At the same time, there is no guarantee that after purchasing the service, the Sony console will be available. It’s still fun in the cycle first come first served. There is no doubt about the company’s goal. Interestingly, in November this is the number two approach. Previously, it clearly worked, and individual criticisms did not break through among those ruthlessly fighting for the console.

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