PlayStation 5 sellers have found a way to fight scalpers

The PlayStation 5 is selling very well a year after its release, but gamers cannot be satisfied with the problems with the availability of the latest Sony console, as well as the high prices of the device. To some extent, scalers are trying to take advantage of the situation, earning extra money on the resale of PS5 and it is with them that Japanese companies want to somehow fight.

Retailers in the United States have attempted to solve the scalper problem in various ways using CAPTCHA for online orders or limited queues and purchases, but in Japan, they had another idea. According to the VGC website, the local Nojima Denki and GEO stores have implemented anti-scalper rules. We are talking about marking PlayStation 5 boxes with the buyer’s data with a marker. As if that was not enough, a decision was made to remove the controllers from the boxes, which is to be a warning to the person who wants to buy such equipment at an auction. GEO, in turn, requires the customer to mark DualSense after winning a PS5 in the lottery and agree otherwise, will not pick up the console.

Japanese sellers mark PlayStation 5 boxes to make it difficult for scalpers who resell the devices for profit after purchase.

All this so that someone who wants to buy the device knows that the equipment is most likely resale. The operation of stores in Japan is aimed at combating scalpers that buy and display at inflated prices not only consoles, but also graphics cards or other goods for which demand remains high. The described strategies are interesting, but it is difficult to assess how effective they will be in the fight against this group of people. Scalpers may try to circumvent this method or simply ignore it if it does not affect the generated profits and the balance on the bank account.

On the other hand, the buyer may think the console is stolen or they will just want an additional unmarked box. Sony has decided to reduce the production of the PS5 and according to the new plan, it will produce 15 million copies of the five by March 2022. All because of problems with the availability of components necessary to create a new generation of consoles. Let’s hope, however, that the situation will normalize quickly.

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