PlayStation exclusives such as movies, first come out to the cinema and then in subscriptions –

To better understand the vision of Sony on PlayStation exclusives and why these do not come out on day one on PlayStation Plus, Shuhei Yoshida, head of the PlayStation Indies division, has compare to moviesexplaining that these they come out first in the cinema and then on TV, on subscription services.

In the same interview in which he reported that Sony’s priority is the full-price release of games, Yoshida drew a parallel with the world of films, which in fact is particularly close to Sony’s organization, given that much of the the entertainment section focuses on the production of cinematic content.

In this way he explained how Sony views its subscription services and in particular the new three-tier PlayStation Plus: “As for PlayStation Plus Extra, our approach is about helping publishers in game lifecycle management. I was in charge of the management of the first party games on PlayStation, so I know that they are treated like movies “, explained Yoshida.” A film comes out first in the cinema, then goes to pay per view, or to subscription services, or finally even to the free TV. Each time it generates new revenues and reaches a wider audience. “

In short, it is an analogy that explains how Sony intends to treat first party games, and probably triple A of a certain caliber in general, with its subscription service, confirming that these will hardly ever get to day one on PlayStation Plus. , as Jim Ryan had previously reported in the belief that this could ruin its quality.

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