Playstation has patented a new pad that will replace the DualSense

Playstation has patented a new type of pad with a very unique function, which could replace DualSense in the future.

There Playstation revolution which has been talked about for years when it was announced PS5, about three years ago, it was focused on the gamer and the possibility to immerse him in the video game like never before. A way to experience gaming in a new and revolutionary way, to really feel what you are doing and what you are experiencing on the screen. And while the competition has refined the quality of the pad and the controls in general, the Japanese company has decided to completely revolutionize the gaming experience, focusing everything on the haptic feedback.

Playstation has patented a new pad that will replace the DualSense

Lo and behold, when the game was programmed to support all the functions of the DualSense, things get very interesting. There vibration it’s more precise, and more powerful, and helps set the mood. But they are above all the triggers to make a difference. Thanks to the haptic feedback, in fact, the triggers will become harder and more resistant, or progressively more or less hard, when performing an action. Think about pulling the string of a archwhich gradually becomes more difficult to pull.

New patented Dualsense PS5, there is great news

This is the true magic of Playstation’s next-gen, this is the component that most marks a detachment from the past. Certainly theSSDthe new processor and the new one GPU hardware upgrades are fundamental, but this new sensation is what amazed the most. Well it seems that, as always, Playstation does not want to stop and rest at all after a big leap forward, quite the contrary. And some reports speak of a patent already filed to create a new padeven more unique.

Dualsense PS5
Dualsense PS5

As reported by Metro, in fact, Playstation would have filed a patent to make the two analog sticks of the pad, two o’clock the heights in short, totally haptic. And therefore, for example walking uphill, you can imagine a harder left stick to return the feeling of effort of the character we are playing. Here is the best way to pre-order FIFA 23 and save quite a lot, while here a triple-A Ubisoft free for a short time. Below the patent photo.

Patent new PS5 pad (via Metro)
Patent new PS5 pad (via Metro)

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