PlayStation is preparing a response to Game Pass. There are unofficial details

In April, we reported reports on PlayStation’s response to Xbox Game Pass. Earlier leaks were confirmed by a well-known journalist.

Sony is to prepare a service temporarily called Spartacus, which will be a response to Microsoft’s Game Pass – we read in a Jason Schreier report for Bloomberg. Its premiere is to take place in the spring of 2022, i.e. in a few months. The basic assumption of the new service is the combination of PS Plus and PS Now. Sony, however, wants to give up the PS Now brand and the new incarnation of both services will be the significantly expanded PS Plus.

The service is to have three price thresholds. The first, the cheapest, will contain what we already receive in Plus. The second is to contain a large catalog of PS4 games and possibly PS5 as well. The third one will offer a library of classic PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP titles, as well as extended demos and access to game streaming. However, no specific prices have been disclosed and Jason Schreier points out that the details of the individual thresholds may still change.

Keep in mind that the above information is still not official. Bloomberg is a very reliable source of leaks and virtually all information from Jason Schreier is confirmed in reality. However, as already mentioned, some details may change.

If the premiere of the service is planned for spring, we should see its announcement soon. The specific date of disclosure remains a mystery for the time being.

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