PlayStation “multiple” studios are using the Tenth Engine, Horizon engine and Death Stranding –

Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, has recently unveiled various news on Sony Interactive Entertainment and also indicated that “multiple” development studios are using the Decima Enginethat is the graphic engine of the Horizon series and of Death Stranding.

More specifically, the original version of the Tenth Engine it was used to develop Killzone Shadow Fall for PS4 and then it was also used for Horizon Zero Dawn, Until Dawn and Death Stranding. This technology was then updated for Horizon Forbidden West, released in 2022 and celebrated for the technical quality of the graphics.

Now, it appears that there are several development studios that are using it. According to a translation ofinterview with FamitsuHermen Hulst said: “Of course, there is also sharing of technology. For example, there are multiple studios using Guerrilla Games’ Decima engine. We also value the improvement of our technology and share this idea across studios. . ”

Aloy of Horizon Forbidden West against a Tremorzanna

Aloy of Horizon Forbidden West against a Tremorzanna

In addition to Horizon projects such as Call of the Mountain and potentially the new Death Stranding that is rumored, it is not clear what these projects may be in development and what the teams are. “Multiple” is an umbrella term and could simply refer to Guerrilla, Firesprite (author of Call of the Mountain) and Kojima Productions. Is three enough to use the word “multiple”? It depends on Hulst’s interpretation.

For now, that’s what we know. Hulst also talked about live service games and the fact that PS4 may still be supported.

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