PlayStation Plus, the new free games for October are officially unveiled

THE new free PlayStation Plus games were officially unveiled just a few moments ago: once again fans subscribed to the subscription service will be able to have fun with 3 new freebies.

From next month they will be officially available Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2 And Superhot: to be able to access it, it will of course be sufficient to be subscribed to the Essential subscription (you can purchase a dedicated gift card on Amazon).

The next PlayStation Plus giveaways will be officially available from Tuesday 4 October 2022 and will remain valid until 31 October 2022: November 1 will in fact correspond to the first Tuesday of the month, the day chosen by Sony for the distribution of gifts.

This means that you will have less than a month to download the new titles redeemable for free, officially unveiled by the subscription service with the following official graphics:

Hot Wheels Unleashed it is therefore the game chosen for the players on PS5 with a dedicated edition, but will still be redeemable and downloadable also from all PS4 playersalong with the other two free games of the month.

The latest game dedicated to Hot Wheels it’s a arcade simulation adrenaline and spectacular, which will allow you to customize your toy cars and build the tracks of your dreams – where, of course, the legendary loops cannot be missed.

Injustice 2 it is instead the second chapter of the saga fighting game with heroes and villains from the DC Comics universein which Batman will once again have to oppose the regime established by Superman, now far from the symbol that many remembered.

In the end, Superhot is the surprising shooter in which time moves only when we do it: strategy and chaos are mixed in this title that has already conquered many fans and which, soon, you can try at no additional cost.

So we just have to wait until next month to be able to add these new great titles to our collection: in the meantime, we remind you that a few days later we will say goodbye to a free game available on Extra and Premium.

While waiting for the new free titles to be officially available, we point out that thanks to Premium you can try the first 2 hours of a recent soulslike game. As for the additions in the coming months, Sony has already made it clear that we should never expect free exclusives on day one.

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