Please go vote. It doesn’t matter who you have in mind or what selection mechanism you choose, just participate with a nominal vote (not a blank slate).

Today, Sunday, all citizens must go to the polls. Because it is not only a legal obligation, but a constitutional right, and each inhabitant has a moral obligation to commit to the destiny of the country and locality.

The abandonment of citizens at polling stations allows the political machinery that assembles people, buys votes and organizes contingents of voters to impose power and distort any election on the basis of illegality and fraud.

When honest, democratic and free citizens go to vote, they have performed a valid and worthy civic act that will determine (for better or worse) the fate of their country, regardless of who they choose in the dark room. the only way to decide. ) but without giving ordinary crooks the possibility to impose their will, to force the voting system for their own benefit, or the corporate sector voting system that has dominated politics for decades. was never forced.

In the face of the apparent social, economic and political devastation that Argentina is going through, unrest prevails, the state of mind suppresses the will and fosters mistrust, but does not vote or blank votes. This is an unwise course of action if our difficulties are surmountable. Disagree with what has been established and advocate change.

Knowing other institutions that generally degrade character, establish monarchies, promote oligarchy and aristocracy, or directly introduce dictatorships, in the developed world even if democracy is imperfect. The existence of democracy as the only credible and widely accepted institution remains intact. It is the exercise of power by a dominant group that has built a subservient and excluded society around them, with minimal rights to fear, give, and intervene in decisions made under its regime. Control their will by robbing the people.

Today, Sunday, we have no choice but to decide who will shape the fate of the state’s government for the next four years and who will be contested in the general election: the position of the nation’s president. .

In the last election, blank votes and appeal votes surged, becoming a “third force” and sometimes a second choice. And that is bad, and it is interpreted as a dangerous social indifference to what happens to us, and the inalienable laws of physics establish that the place occupied by one body cannot be occupied by another. As we do, we should not give up our space to others. never seen.

Translating these physical terms into the social phenomenon of voting substitution means that we do not vote or vote blank when we avoid electing a citizen to represent ourselves or opposing someone we do not want. Let’s say there is space left in the ballot box by throwing To reach power, the structure of voting, opportunist, marketist, which one election after another creates pure collectivism, and for no other reason, our country has been in power for over 30 years. have not been able to depart as a country. Using democracy as the greatest expression of popular will and freedom to elect rulers.

Go vote and choose as you please and as your conscience dictates. No matter who you do it for, you are expected to do it as a civic duty.

Part of our responsibility as citizens is to take responsibility for knowing whether our vote was good or bad when we have to evaluate our decision (good or bad) on the ballot four years from now. is.

In the future, our responsibility will not be diminished if things go wrong, nor will we take the country into the worst hands when in fact (if we don’t vote) we are direct accomplices. You have no right to blame others for leaving. To that failure, we would not even have the right to protest for excluding ourselves. (IPO Agency Santa Cruz)

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