Pleszew. Shopping mall in Pleszew is now open! There was a shortage of spaces in the parking lot

Shopping mall in Pleszew. Punctually at 9.00 a shopping mall was opened at Armii Poznań Street. Half an hour after the shops opened, there was not enough space in the parking lot

Shopping mall in Pleszew

Punctually at 9.00 a shopping mall was opened at ul. The Poznań Army. Although there were no large queues before the opening, the parking lot was filled with cars every minute. Some of the residents who decided to drive to the new gallery had to give up shopping because there was a shortage of free parking spaces.

A shopping mall in Pleszew, about which we have informed many times, was built in the vicinity of a new housing estate at ul. The Poznań Army. The new facility takes up approx. 3.5 thousand sq m. sq m

– The retail park in Pleszew is a compact retail facility with a leasable area of ​​3,500 sq m. There will be shops and tenants’ points that meet the needs of local residents and provide an offer that meets their requirements both in terms of everyday shopping, as well as in the context of the purchase of basic electronic products and, for example, clothing – informs – on behalf of Scallier – Robert Borowicz from Business Communication & Research Group.

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