PLN 439. This is how much a Polish athlete earned during this season

Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi broke the bank at the 4-Hills-Tournament and opens the list of top earning jumpers of the season. How are the Polish representatives doing?

Piotr Bobakowski

Piotr Bobakowski

Andrzej Stękała

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / In the photo: Andrzej Stękała

  • Ryoyu Kobayashi has broken the bank! A huge amount of money in the 70th 4-Hills-Tournament

Ryoyu Kobayashi won the 70th edition of the 4-Hills-Tournament in impressive style. The Japanese international broke the bank in a prestigious tournament. 644.8 thous. – converted from Swiss francs to PLN – this amount was earned by the jumper from the Land of the Rising Sun only during the German-Austrian event (more HERE).

25-year-old Kobayashi in this season of the World Cup won a total of over 930 thousand. zloty. For comparison – the best of Poles, Kamil Stoch, can boast earnings of approx. 108 thousand. zloty.

The second on the list of earnings is currently German Karl Geiger (approx. PLN 381 thousand). The third place is taken by the Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud (about PLN 269,000).

At the other extreme is Andrzej Stękała, who has not impressed with his form since the beginning of the season. The AZS Zakopane club representative has so far earned only … PLN 439! The leader among the White and Reds is Stoch. Piotr Żyła, on the other hand, gained a sum of approx. 60 thousand. zloty.

The FIS awards the top 30 of each of the World Cup competitions with cash prizes. For the first place, the competitor receives 43.9 thousand. PLN, and for the 30th place – PLN 439.

All-or-nothing jumper. Will Kobayashi finally break through at the most important parties? [OPINIA]

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