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From Rome to Florence, between historical monuments and good food. What Love and Ice Cream Tells Us, the film available on Netflix based on a bestselling book. Plot, cast and many other curiosities.

Love travel and do you like to do it with your mind too? Worship the love stories from the easy tear, real or fictional as they are? Then you can’t miss the opportunity to dive into the vision of Love & ice creamthe romantic comedy directed by Brandon Camp And based on the book of the same name written by Jenna Evans Welch is available on Netflix. Here are all the details on movie!

Love & ice cream, the plot of the film

Lina is a girl from Brooklyn 17-year-old he had planned a trip to Rome with the motherbefore entering college e before this one died. Thus he finds himself a leave aloneto commemorate the woman who brought her into the world by fulfilling the desire to see the Eternal City in her place.

In the Italian capital it is hosted by Francesca, her mother’s childhood best friend by Lina. Here she who has always preferred her world, made of the things she likes most, pushed by the cheerfulness of the place, will open up more and more to the outside world. Her mother will accompany her in some way through words in a diarywhich will help Lina feel her a little closer.

Between a monument and an ice cream, however, the young woman Lina will also find time for love. In fact, his heart will show itself divided between Lorenzo and Alessandrowhich couldn’t be more different than that.

The cast with some of the faces already seen on Netflix

To lend the face to Lina, the protagonist of Love & ice cream is Susanna Skaggs. I am also with her Valentina Lodoviniwho plays Francesca and who has taken part in other very Italian films such as welcome to the South, Welcome to the North And Generation 1000 euros, Tobia De Angelis that we have already seen in Made in Italy – A home to get together And Saul Nanni who starred instead in Under the Riccione sun.

Finally, they complete the cast Owen McDonnell, Anjelika Washington, Alex Boniello, Luca Seta And Claudia Stecher. Are you curious to see (or review) the films we have mentioned? These too, like Love & ice creamthey are all found in streaming on Netflix!

Curiosity: from the making of the film to the Italian beauties to be discovered

A little in the wake of Eat, pray, lovedirected by Ryan Murphy with Julia Roberts protagonist, a little in the wake of To Rome with love from Woody Allenthis film show our beautiful Italy seen through the dreamy eyes of a tourist who has arrived from the other side of the world and if possible it appears even more beautiful and colorful than it already is.

In Love & ice cream thanks to Francesca’s guide, we retrace all of them together with her and Lina most characteristic stages of Rome, such as the Imperial Forums, the Dome or the Colosseum. The plot of the film also takes us out of the capital to go to Florence.

In the film Lina not only turns to discover two beautiful cities of art, our pride, but also tastes some of our typical dishes: from Pizza (Roman though!) to the greedy pistachio ice cream.

Filming the beauties of our country like in a movie is not a luxury reserved only for Julia Roberts, Susanna Skaggs, Woody Allen, Penelope Cruz and all the rest of the cast of American films shot in Italy that we have mentioned. We mere mortals can do it too!

Just go to the website of the DO (acronym for Fund for the Italian Environment), to find out what the all are works protected by this organization for the protection of assets on our territory. Here, in fact, you will find many itineraries and as many places of interest.

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