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Tonight on TV the film X-Men (2000) at 11.15 pm on Italy One. Here she is plot, the trailer, the cast and the curiosity of the film. 2000 film directed by Bryan Singer. The film takes inspiration from the comic series of the same name published by Marvel Comics, created in 1963 by the writer Stan Lee and the artist Jack Kirby.

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X-Men (2000), tonight on tv: the plot

The officialization of the existence of mutants has divided public opinion. These humans endowed with superpowers and innate abilities, in fact, if on the one hand they intrigue citizens, on the other they could represent a threat to the safety of humans. During a congress in Washington, Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison) proves to be a fervent supporter of the ‘Mutant Registration’ law which aims to census the entire population with powers. Also present at the congress are Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), a mutant confined to a wheelchair and endowed with telepathic powers, and Erik Lehnsherr (Ian McKellen) nicknamed ‘Magneto’ who has the power to generate magnetic fields that allow him to control metals. The ex-friends find themselves on two opposing fronts: Xavier, the head of a private school for young mutants, is convinced that the powers must be harnessed to help and protect humans.

Magneto, after his childhood experience of the Holocaust, is convinced that humans want to control and enslave mutants as the Nazis did with Jews. As the two discuss the future, the life of young Marie (Anna Paquin) is turned upside down by the discovery of her powers. The girl, after having unintentionally almost killed her boyfriend, flees in terror to Canada. Here she meets the mysterious mutant Logan (Hugh Jackman), nicknamed ‘Wolverine’, who will clash with the mutant Sabretooth (Tyler Mane) to save her life. The powers of Marie, in fact, are essential for the evil plan of Magneto and her gang, who will try to bend the young girl by using her weaknesses. But all is not lost as the X-Men, a team of formidable mutants who follow Xavier’s example, are ready to step in to save the newcomer…

Curiosities about the movie X-Men (2000)

  • The film garnered several accolades at the Saturn Awards and the ‘Best Director’ award at the Empire Awards.
  • The film is inspired by the Marvel Comics comic series, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
  • Sir Ian McKellen decided to accept the role of Magneto after seeing the character’s costume.
  • Hugh Jackman was cast as Wolverine just three weeks before filming began.
  • As the actor began to perfect his fitness late, his appearance appears different over the course of the film.
  • Hugh Jackman took traumatizing ice showers every morning before filming which helped him get into character.
  • The estate used as the location for Xavier’s school also served as Adam Sandler’s mansion in the comedy Billy Madison (1995) and as the Luthor estate in the TV series Smallville.
  • According to the official Marvel profile, Wolverine is a very short character (1.60m) while Hugh Jackman is close to six feet.

The cast

  • Cast: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen


here is the trailer from X-Men (2000)

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