PlusLiga. Stal Nysa – GKS Katowice – result and report. volleyball

Up to three times art – this was the saying that Daniel Pliński could count on, for whom Friday’s match against GKS Katowice was the third one this season in the role of Stal Nysa’s coach. There was a clear improvement in the game of his players, but they still could not translate it into a victory in PlusLiga. In turn, GKS came to the Opole region after breaking in the clash with Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom, and the goal of the inhabitants of Katowice was to return to the winning streak, which was interrupted first by a defeat with Zawiercian, and then by serious health problems in the team.

The Nysians started Friday’s clash with verve, presenting themselves very well in every element of the game. They built a four or even five-point advantage thanks to the service (four aces) and high efficiency in the attack, in which they could count primarily on Wassim Ben Tara (six out of eight balls sent to him). The inhabitants of Katowice, however, did not give way to them, and in the very end they threw in fifth gear in the service, which at this point of the premiere edition scored three points. Jakub Szymański’s two aces gave GKS the lead 23:22 and the set ball, and the decisive point was scored by Jakub Jarosz. In the latter element, the charges of Grzegorz Słaby achieved as much as 70% efficiency in the entire party! The mistakes of the Nysians, who made as many as 10 of them (with only three rivals), also helped in winning this party.

In the second installment, the situation was reversed, because it was the inhabitants of Katowice who achieved several points of advantage, and these losses were each time made up by the team led by Daniel Pliński. This was the case until Jarosz appeared in the service field at 17:15 for GKS. His two difficult plays and a successful attack took the team of Katowice to a decisive lead. Gonzalo Quiroga also did his own, and at the end of the set he changed Tomas Rousseaux who was still wearing a special mask. However, it was Jarosz who successfully ended the second batch with an effective attack, and the entire team in this element still had high effectiveness (65 percent). The one on the other side of the net was also held by Ben Tara, but his colleagues had already made 20 mistakes.

Daniel Pliński’s players returned to the game in the third game, where they managed to get five points ahead. This time, Nikołaj Penczew and Kamil Kwasowski, who represented the colors of GKS in the previous two seasons (previously also the quarterback of Stal Marcin Komenda), joined Ben Tara, who still maintains high effectiveness in the attack. The Nysians played very ambitiously, which was manifested, among others, by in a very vigilant defense game. Thanks to the equal attitude of the whole team and Kwasowski, who was getting better at the attack, they managed to lead to a tie-break, which was already the third in a row of both teams since Stal’s return to the league (two wins of volleyball players from the Silesian Voivodeship).

The irritated inhabitants of Katowice did not intend to let go of the victory, which they expressed at the beginning of the fifth game, which they started from leading 6-0. Although Stal tried to compensate for the losses, it could not cope with the better players of Katowice. A point equal to the victory in the match was given by GKS kiwka from the second ball by the quarterback Micah Ma. However, the MVP award went to Jarosz, for whom it was the second such statuette in the current competition.

NYSA STEEL – GKS KATOWICE 2: 3 (22:25, 21:25, 25:20, 25:17, 15:10)

STEEL: Komenda, Kwasowski 20, M’Baye 9, Ben Tara 28, Penczew 12, Stahl 10 and Ruciak (l), Dembiec (l), Szwaradzki, Dębski 1, Zajder 1. Coach: Pliński.

GKS: Ma’a 4, Szymański 18, Hain 7, Jarosz 20, Rousseaux 10, Kania 6 and Mariański (l), Ogórek (l), Quiroga 4, Domagała 1, Drzazga 1, Nowosielski. Coach: Weak.

MVP: Vegetarian. They judged: Maciejewski and Wolski. Viewers: 1250.

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