PNC and Army inspect second container containing scrap metal at Quetzal port

Control of ports and borders is one of the tasks that security forces must improve. On the afternoon of Sunday, February 11, the National Civil Police (PNC) and the Guatemalan Army inspected another container at the port of Quetzal, Escuintla department.

On Saturday, February 10, PNC agents discovered 524 packages of cocaine in a container shipping scrap metal from Costa Rica.

Army spokesman Rubén Téllez reported that the Defense Ministry’s Navy reported that searches were continuing for possible illegal activities in scrap metal shipments.

“Now, in the fourth of the six containers, they found another type of cylindrical container, in which the canines used had given signs that illegal drugs might be inside,” explains Téllez .

In the new case, an estimated 105 packages may have contained drugs, the Interior Ministry detailed.

The public relations expert recalled that this was an inter-agency operation aimed at preventing the use of Guatemalan space for the transshipment of drugs to other parts of the continent.

Security forces said they would update information when the results of field tests are available.

When the suspicious container was opened, a package containing a substance that would be field tested was discovered.
When the suspicious container was opened, a package containing a substance that would be field tested was discovered.Photo La Jolla/Guatemalan Army
canine help

Security forces, with the help of trained police dogs, search for illegal items such as drugs, explosives and undeclared money.

During last Saturday’s operation, the services of K9 agent “Ery” were called upon to sniff out the contents of metal boxes.

The Drug Prosecutor’s Office was also involved in the operation, packaging the packages arriving at the port company APM Terminals.

In light of the discovery, the seizure was attended by Interior Minister Francisco Jiménez and Counter-Narcotics Undersecretary Verna Ovalle.

Government reports seizure of 525 packages of cocaine in Port of Quetzal

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