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The Agency for Territorial Cohesion has uploaded the Notice online which will help support the local authorities of the South for the definition and implementation of the PNRR interventions, thanks to the recognition of highly specialized personnel. In this way, the regulation contained in the ‘Recovery’ Decree is implemented, which allocates 67 million euros from the resources of the Complementary Operational Program to the PON ‘Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020’. Individual Municipalities, Provinces or Metropolitan Cities will express their needs, in terms of days / person, on the following professional profiles: technicians (engineers, architects) experts in public works, to relaunch the design of works and infrastructures of territorial services; experts in management, monitoring and control, for administrative, accounting and expense reporting; sectoral policy experts to support participation in tenders, such as experts in specific public policies or in the administrative-legal area.

For municipalities with a population of less than 15,001 inhabitants, there is no assignment of professionals, but rather to aggregations of municipalities that reach at least the minimum population of 15 thousand inhabitants. In a second phase, after having identified the needs expressed by the individual local authorities of the South and by the aggregations of Municipalities, the Agency for Territorial Cohesion will proceed with the selection, through the platform IN.PA and the subsequent contracting of professionals – for a duration not exceeding 36 months and within the limits of days / person. They will be professionals with a ‘senior’ profile, with an experience of at least 7 years. As far as the island municipalities are concerned, therefore, only Ischia and Forio will be able to benefit from the presence for 200 days of professionals in support of Revirurg. For the other Bodies, however, it will be necessary to create an aggregation.

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