Poczta Polska is looking for employees. How much can you earn?

Due to the pandemic situation in Poland, Poczta Polska expects a significant increase in demand for courier and parcel services during the next holiday season, by at least 60% compared to the previous months. Poczta Polska is getting ready to handle up to twice as many shipments as the average for the year – including Black Friday – it has been announced.

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“Poczta Polska intends to employ approx. 1,500 employees to work in sorting plants and drivers. As part of the recruitment campaign, our company offers contracts of mandate. The offer applies primarily to people who would like to improve their budget before Christmas. That is why there is an option to start work without the need to change the permanent places of employment, and therefore interesting for people who are looking for an additional source of income and would like to work at different times of the day “- said the spokeswoman of Poczta Polska, Justyna Siwek, quoted in the press release.

Work in the sorting plant does not require additional qualifications and experience, while drivers are required to have a driving license of the appropriate category (allowing for driving vehicles up to 3.5 t or over 3.5 t depending on the selected offer). The assumption is that the offer applies to work until the end of the year, but in certain cases it is possible to extend the established cooperation.

How much does the Post Office pay?

As stated in the announcement, the rates for employees depend on the location and are for drivers up to 3.5 t from PLN 19 to 24 per hour, drivers over 3.5 t from PLN 20 to 26 per hour, sorting employees from PLN 18.50 to PLN 24 per hour.

Poczta Polska is the largest Polish employer employing over 80,000 people. employees across the country. It has the largest distribution and logistics network in the country, covering over 7.6 thousand. outlets.

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