Podolski is hitting the fans of Legia Warszawa again. A whole series of Piñon entries

Lukas Podolski still cannot forget about the 3-2 win against Legia. Already on Sunday, he posted on Twitter a photo from the stadium on Łazienkowska Street, where before the match with Górnik, a banner appeared: “Although it stinks and poverty in Zabrze, you have to go for Legi for a trip. 21.11”.

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Podolski posted a tweet with a photo of the banner right after the match. Then he wrote to the fans of Legia: “It’s nice that you were in Zabrze,” sending them also an ironic kiss.

Podolski writes about “lapwing stench and three blows”

But this is not the end, because the former representative of Germany and the world champion from 2014 returned to the match against Legia also on Monday evening. Also on Twitter, where this time he posted a post by “Unknown Perpetrators”, a group of Legia fans who urged each other to go to Zabrze. This entry also hit Górnik. And it was him that Podolski referred to in his post on Monday.

“Dear Fans, we” hosted “Legi Warszawa in Zabrze on a cool autumn November evening. The air was clean, it smelled only of love for Grnik Zabrze, expressed by 23 thousand of the best fans in the world …” – Podolski began.

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And he wrote further: “The miner, as befits a host, gave the fans of Legia who fell from the king’s stool and intoxicated with the lazy stench, three blows. Janż, Podolski and Kubica bitten. Ohh, what was it for an evening in a city where there is no Wawel or Długa The market or the gothic market … “

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“But what’s in Zabrze? Victory! 3 points and Legia scored 3 goals. And the frustration and insults of Legia’s fans were of no avail. Górnik won and Legia lost. Thank you for the last letter, I am happy to answer and invite you to another visit to Zabrze. … “- finished Podolski.

And it sparked a discussion again. There were many positive reactions, but also negative ones, in the comments. “Poldi probably gave the account to the local fans. Probably someone will like it, but should professional footballers build their position this way? I would prefer him to score regularly, for now his achievements in ESA are 10 matches 1 goal, 1 assist. Podolski’s entry, journalist from Wirtualna Polska, Marek Wawrzynowski.

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