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The Frenchman, of Muslim faith, dedicates a story on Instagram to the fighting in Palestine and to the children killed. At United took the field with the flag

A story published on Instagram on Tuesday 9 August. Paul Pogba returns to the field for Palestine and its children: May Allah protect the people of Gaza

, and a photo of six Palestinian children. They died during the latest fighting in the Strip between the Israeli army and Islamic Jihad, a situation that among other things had forced Juventus to move their friendly match against Atletico Madrid scheduled in Tel Aviv: it was played in Turin.

Pogba has always sided with the Palestinian cause. He converted to Islam as an adult – in Pogmentary, a documentary produced by Amazon Prime online since June, he explains that he freely chose between the faith of his mother, a Muslim, and that of his father, a Christian – in 2017 he had also been on a pilgrimage to Mecca declaring himself excited by the experience. On May 18, 2021, at the end of the match between Manchester United and Fulham, with his teammate Ahmed Diallo he went around the field carrying the Palestinian flag and causing some controversy.

Last year, during the European Championships, he limited himself to removing a sponsor beer of the event from his table because Islam does not tolerate alcohol (moreover, it was a non-alcoholic one). Most recently, on the Uninterrupted platform, she had told about her idol: Muhammad Ali my example, he converted to Islam as I did when I was 18. Sometimes being a Muslim is not easy. You just try to show the example of Muslims in sport and in real life, that sometimes not the same image that is communicated by the media. We try to follow our religion as best we can.

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