Pogba on social media posts a photo of children killed in Gaza: “Allah protect the Palestinians”

Paul Pogba, the French champion back at Juventus after 6 years at Manchester United, returns to take sides in favor of the Palestinian cause. He does this by sharing an Instagram post showing the photo of children killed in Gaza, to which he adds a phrase: “Allah protect the people” of the Strip. The original post – from the account “Islam is my deen” – reads: “Children killed, no media coverage, no protest?”.

Pogba is no stranger to such stances. A little over a year ago, at the end of the Premier League match between Manchester United and Fulham, together with his teammate Amed Diallo he took a tour of the field showing a Palestinian flag received by a fan.

Pogba, who converted to Islam as an adult, had made his voice heard away from the field even in the days of the terrorist attack in Manchester, in 2017: “These attacks are madness, this is not Islam, it has nothing to dealing with religion, “he said. “Nobody forced me into conversion, my mother is Muslim, my father is Christian,” he said recently in an interview. “Religion calmed me.”

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