Pogo Szczecin recruits a talented Iraczyk. This is the beginning of PiN’s longer collaboration

Pogoń Szczecin remains active during the winter transfer window. Kacper Kozłowski moved to Brighton Hove & Albion, while his successor in the Portowców team was Wahan Biczachczian from the Slovak Žilina. Additionally, Pogoń took advantage of Legia Warszawa’s decision to part ways with Kacper Kostorze and signed a 4.5-year contract with him. However, this is not the end of the reinforcements, because a talented footballer from Iran joins the second team of Pogoń.

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Great transfer of a Polish footballer. “For some time he has surpassed the league”

Officially: Pogoń Szczecin is establishing cooperation with the Iranian football academy. The first effect is the transfer of a talented 18-year-old

Pogoń Szczecin announced in the official announcement that Yadegar Rostami became the new footballer of the Portowców. The 18-year-old midfielder has been training with the second team for several months, but he could not be entered into the competition. “We are pleased that we have managed to finalize the transfer in terms of form. For us, it is a big leap into the world, because Pogoń is becoming not only a European but also a global brand” – said Patryk Dąbrowski, coach and scout at the Pogoń Academy.

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Rostami’s transfer is also the beginning of cooperation with KIA Football Academy, thanks to which new talented players from Iran will be transferred to Szczecin, and also periodic control matches will be played. “We established a nice contact with them. In my opinion, both parties can derive tangible benefits from this cooperation. We want subsequent generations to come to Szczecin once a year, not only to see the academy” – adds Dąbrowski. The owner of the academy is Mehdi Mahdavikia, the coach of the Iranian team under 23.

The second team of Pogoń Szczecin is currently ninth with 24 points in the third league table and is 17 points behind the leader, Olimpia Grudziądz.

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