Pogoń – Lechia. Kaczmarek: Pogoń Szczecin plays like the future Polish champion

The club television of Lechia Gdańsk, realizing the importance of the meeting with Pogoń Szczecin, broadcast an interview with the head coach of the first team, Tomasz Kaczmarek. For the coach of Biało-Zieloni, the match in Szczecin will be a return to his previous place of work. In Gdańsk, Kaczmarek started employment on September 1, 2021, and spent the previous 20 fruitful months in Pogoń, as an assistant to Kosta Runjaic.

I feel nervous, a similar feeling accompanies me during the preparations for each match. I feel nervous during the week, this period is hard work for me, decisions, a lot of work with the staff. We think about solutions how to best prepare the team for the match in order to win. These are the most stressful days for me. The closer to the match, the calmer I am. After the last briefing, my emotions drop completely, then I know that the team is well prepared. Today we are in the middle of the week, so the tension is high.

I would be lying if I said that this meeting will not be special for me. This will be the case for two reasons. First of all – working in Pogoń, where I was for almost two years, was my first one in Poland. It was 20 very nice months, I was eager to go to work, I met very nice people. It was very good working with the team, with the staff headed by coach Kosta Runjaić. We won a medal together, it was something extraordinary, something that doesn’t happen in Szczecin every year. Such moments connect, it is something you will never forget. This will be the first meeting since I left Pogoń for Lechia, it will definitely be a special day for me.

Secondly – on Saturday we will play with a very good team. It will be a huge sports challenge for us to achieve success in Szczecin. It will be a big test for Lechia Gdańsk. I’m looking forward to this match.

I believe we need ten more rounds to be able to define our goal for this competition. For me, Pogoń Szczecin is at a very high, sports level, at the highest level for years. They have been playing very well in the last matches. They look like the future Polish champion on the pitch. The pursuit is on a level that we want to enter. The fact that we are temporarily higher than “Portowców” in the table, we have a good moment, good results, does not change the fact that we are only at the beginning of the road. I am aware that our position raises hopes and expectations among fans. However, I believe that we are not yet in the leading group in Ekstraklasa. My goal and ambition is for us, as a team, to reach the level where Pogoń is today, where Lech Poznań is. It takes a lot of work. I think the commitment, the ambition of our players is fantastic, a really amazing group of people has gathered in the dressing room, but we are still at the beginning of the road.

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I know this team very well, I know every player. I know who is strong in what and who is weaker. When it comes to preparing our team in terms of tactics, in terms of details, it is known that I feel the opponent very much. Which does not change the fact that they are in a very good shape, they have very good players. One is to know your opponent, and the other is to play well enough to be successful. A big challenge awaits us.

I believe that Pogoń and Lechia are very different. Completely different clubs run by completely different people. One thing they have in common is that both clubs have never been Polish champions. In Szczecin, they have the privilege of building a fantastic base where the first team and the academy can work together. I know Lechia is working hard on it. To be at the highest level and develop, this step will be very important for us. In Pogoń I was an assistant, in Lechia I have a different role. In Szczecin, I started working in Ekstraklasa and I studied it. In Gdańsk, I cannot observe and learn so much, I just have to make decisions. I am happy to be in Lechia Gdańsk and to build a strong team here.

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