Pogoń Szczecin asks fans to vaccinate themselves. Fans talk about segregation, doctors support the club

Pogoń Szczecin, as the first club in Poland, made a very clear appeal to its fans to vaccinate them before the start of the spring round. The open letter caused a storm among the fans.

“The Board of Pogoń Szczecin warmly encourages fans who have not yet vaccinated themselves to do it as soon as possible” – this is one of the paragraphs of the letter. The club emphasizes that only taking the first dose in the coming days will make it possible to obtain a certificate confirming the vaccination before the first Pogoń match at the stadium at ul. Twardowski. A storm broke out among the fans.

“Focus on the ball. You’ve been doing better lately than moralizing society. ” “(…) I do not think that fans expect a bigger initiative (coming in front of the club) in this respect from the club” – such entries can be found on social media.

– After all, we do not force anyone to vaccinate, but we encourage them. Why? Because I try to be as responsible as possible. After all, I do not know the scenarios that can happen regarding vaccinations and the potential number of infections. After all, they can be different. I also have to be responsible for what is happening in the stadium. And we know that in Poland we will not avoid Omikron – explains Jarosław Mroczek, president of Pogoń in an interview with “Głos Szczeciński”.

However, there are also those who support the club’s initiative: “Respect, Mr. President, for your courage. In Poland, many people in positions are lacking eggs, including those at the “top”. I have been through covid (Delta) quite hard myself and I know what the risk is if I am not vaccinated. “ – wrote another fan.

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