Pogoń Szczecin – Lechia Gdańsk. Kamil Grosicki show in Szczecin! PKO Ekstraklasa

Fans had the right to expect a match full of emotions, in the end the second and third teams of the table faced each other. The pursuit was going to use the advantage of its own pitch and the support of fans, while Lechia realized that the defeat would mean losing the position of the runner-up. The first minutes of the match made the fans have an appetite for an excellent show.

Already in the first minutes of the match, the ball hit the feet of Rafał Pietrzak, who gave the ball to Dusan Kuciak. The Slovak goalkeeper presented a terrible party, thanks to which Jean Carlos immediately jumped to him. The goalkeeper had to save himself with a foul, and the referee gave a penalty kick. The eleven was very confidently used by Damian Dąbrowski.

Lechia knew that a possible victory would allow her to gain a certain advantage over Portowce, so we could expect that Tomasz Kaczmarek’s team would not give up and for the next minutes they would fight to bring them even. We didn’t have to wait long for the 1-1 goal.

Lechia was compensated by Łukasz Zwoliński. A player with a past in Pogoń Szczecin in the 27th minute of the match hit the net after a long pass from the center and a shot from a closer post completely surprised the goalkeeper. Dante Stipica did not have great chances for an effective intervention, and the Gdańsk players could quickly enjoy the equalizing goal.

Another Pogoń opportunity brought a goal at 2: 1. Kamil Grosicki made a great cross from the left side of the penalty area, and Luka Zahović hit the net from the closest distance. While the Slovene definitely disappointed Pogoń fans with his ineffectiveness in the previous season, he scored the fourth goal in four consecutive matches in the ongoing competition.

By the break, the result did not change, and the fans could be pleased that the match meets expectations. We watched many interesting actions and three goals, and Pogoń deservedly led after 45 minutes. In the second half, more excitement and a fight for three points could be expected.

The chase started the attack from the beginning of the second half and it resulted in new hits very quickly. Luka Zahović scored his second goal, using another excellent cross by Kamil Grosicki. The Polish representative sent a perfect overhead pass straight to the head of the Slovenian, who had no problems with beating Dusan Kuciak.

Only three minutes later the fourth goal was scored for the Porters. Sebastian Kowalczyk accepted a pass into the penalty box from Luis Mata on the left side of the field and with a technical shot he increased Pogoń’s lead. It seemed that Lechia would start the attack after the break, but two quick hits made the already bad situation of Tomasz Kaczmarek’s team much more difficult.

Kosta Runjaić gave the substitute a chance and let Michał Kucharczyk on the pitch, who scored a goal in his first contact with the ball. The former Legia player took advantage of another excellent cross by Kamil Grosicki. The latter deserves praise, because with the goal at 5: 1 he made his third assist in this game. This is especially impressive due to the fact that Grosicki appeared on the pitch only in the 22nd minute of the game after replacing the injured Rafał Kurzawa.

For the next minutes we watched the next dangerous cross of Kamil Grosicki, whose game aroused admiration in the stands of the stadium at ul. Twardowski. It is worth appreciating the performance of the Polish representative, but one should also notice the meager disposition of Mateusz Żukowski, who was unable to cover his rival at the sideline, which resulted in further goals.

In the end, no more goals were scored, and Pogoń confidently defeated Lechia and advanced to the second place in the table. Portowców fans would surely like to watch such a game of their team in every match, because their team was unstoppable. The best player of the game was absolutely Kamil Grosicki, whose every cross ended in confusion in the penalty area.

Pogoń Szczecin – Lechia Gdańsk 5: 1 (2: 1)

Goals: Damian Dąbrowski (8 penalty), Luka Zahović (36 and 51), Sebastian Kowalczyk (54), Michał Kucharczyk (70) – Łukasz Zwoliński (27)

Pogon Szczecin: Dante Stipica – Jakub Bartkowski, Konstantinos Triantafyllopoulos (69. Mariusz Malec) – Benedikt Zech, Luis Mata – Damian Dąbrowski – Jean Carlos (69. Michał Kucharczyk), Kacper Kozłowski (76. Piotr Parzyszek), Sebastian Kowalczyk, Rafał Kurzawa (22. Kamil Grosicki) – Luka Zahović (76th Maciej Żurawski).

Lechia Gdańsk: Dusan Kuciak – Mateusz Żukowski (74. Bartosz Kopacz), Michał Nalepa, Mario Maloca, Rafał Pietrzak – Tomasz Makowski, Egzon Kryeziu (58. Jarosław Kubicki) – Marco Terrazzino, Flavio Paixao (46. Ilkay Durmus), Conrado – Łukasz Zwoliński ( 74. Kacper Sezonienko).

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