Pogoń Szczecin with an open letter to its fans [OFICJALNIE]

Pogoń Szczecin sent an official letter to fans, in which he asks for vaccination against the coronavirus.

The Pogoń Szczecin stadium has been under construction continuously since 2019. As we read in the letter, the fans will have almost 9,800 seats at their disposal in the spring round and the authorities of “Portowców” hope that it will be possible to fill the facility to the last available seat.

The Communication also recalls the difficult pandemic period and points out that there is a high probability that the government will impose limits or even completely exclude unvaccinated people from participating in a sporting event.

Otherwise, the club may impose restrictions on its own for the sake of safety. Pogoń Szczecin thus encourages fans to get vaccinated before the first spring meeting of Ekstraklasa.

“Open Letter of the Management Board of Pogoń Szczecin SA

Dear fans of Pogoń Szczecin,

in connection with the upcoming spring round of games, in which our team will fight for the highest position in the table of games for the 2021/2022 season, the Board of Pogoń wants to raise an important issue from the point of view of creating the best conditions and the opportunity to watch our team’s matches. From the spring round, we will have almost 9,800 places available. We will do everything so that fans can safely fill the facility to the last available seat. However, we must take into account the situation that we have dealt with so far during the current season and the previous one. This is, of course, about the problem posed by the successive waves of the COVID-19 epidemic.

We are aware that from the very first match we may find ourselves in a situation of a very significant increase in infections related to, among others, with the Omicron variant, and thus, the introduction by the authorities of significant restrictions and bans as to the possibility of fans staying in stadiums. It can be expected with high probability that the essence of such restrictions will be to exclude unvaccinated people from entering the stadium. Bearing the above in mind, the Board of Pogoń Szczecin warmly encourages fans who have not yet vaccinated themselves to do so as soon as possible. Only a positive decision – made in the coming days – will allow us to obtain a valid certificate confirming the vaccination before the first Pogoń match at the stadium at ul. Twardowski.

At the same time, the Management Board of Pogoń Szczecin is analyzing the scenarios that may occur in the coming weeks. In the event that this negative, unfortunately, a significant increase in infections, and thus an increase in the already very large number of deaths caused by the prevailing pandemic, and the lack of clear decisions by the authorities reducing the likelihood of such infections, the club will consider introducing ul. Twardowski’s own rules, consisting in the fact that the facility will be allowed to enter only by people with a valid vaccination certificate, recovering person, or those who have taken the appropriate test no later than 48 hours before the match.

The health of our club’s fans is an absolute priority for us, we cannot and do not want to take on our conscience the tragedy of people who, without taking preventive measures, would be at a much greater risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, and thus the worst. the possible consequences of falling ill.

Yours faithfully

Jarosław Mroczek – President of the Management Board

Tomasz Adamczyk – Vice President of the Management Board

Dariusz Adamczuk – Member of the Management Board

Łukasz Machiński – Member of the Management Board “

Pogoń Szczecin will start the spring round with a match against Piast Gliwice. A week later he will play against Zagłębie Lubin on his own pitch.

At the halfway point of the season, “Portowcy” occupy the position of the runner-up in Ekstraklasa, and they are four points behind the leader of Lech Poznań.

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