Pokémon GO: Mewtwo in the Legendary Hour of Tuesday 8 October 2019


The new Pokémon GO event dedicated to Mewtwo is held today, Tuesday 8 October 2019: all the details and information from Niantic Labs.

Mewtwo, the Legendary Pokémon of the First Generation of Kanto, is exceptionally returning to Pokémon GO, only today Tuesday 8 October 2019. Let’s see the details directly from Niantic Labs.

Why do Mewtwo and Mewtwo Shiny return, if Giratina is currently present in the Raids? Said soon: during the Legendary Hour of Mewtwo in September 2019, problems prevented the proper unfolding of the event, so the same is recovered today, Tuesday 8 October 2019. As for timetables, the Legendary Hour of Mewtwo held from 18:00 to 19:00, local (GMT +2).

However, there are news and the bonuses to keep an eye on exceptionally, today Pokémon GO players will be able to get as many as three free tickets to face Mewtwo, as a thank you from Niantic Labs for the patience shown with the errors of last September 2019. Ready to record the Legendary Pokémon in the Pokédex?

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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