Pokémon GO: Mysterious Announcement Coming from Niantic Labs

Pokémon GO: Entei

Niantic Labs is ready for a novelty on Pokémon GO, but the announcement seems very mysterious: what is it? Here are our considerations.

Today the developers of Niantic Labs have published a mysterious message on their social media channels. Probably it is an unpublished content that will soon arrive in Pokémon GO: let us try to clarify the situation. 

First of all, we invite you to take a look at the mysterious announcement of the developers of Niantic Labs of today 29 July 2019: you find it a little further on. Some stars alternate with black symbols, in all likelihood it is an encrypted message. We, like the virtual world as a whole, have made a couple of fairly precise ideas about the content. Niantic Labs could refer to the imminent arrival of Shiny Shadow Pokémon on Pokémon GO: after all, the data miners have identified their presence for some time. 

Another possibility, more hoped for than real, is the arrival of Rayquaza Shinyin the Legendary Level Five Pokémon GO Raids. The chromatic version of Rayquaza, Legendary Pokémon of the Third Generation of Hoenn, is indeed quite completely black. Which of the two hypotheses will prove to be correct? We’ll let you know in the next few hours. Let us remember that Mewtwo Armored will abandon the Legendary Raids in a few days, so the announcement of a new legendary protagonist is imminent.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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