Pokémon GO: Rayquaza Shiny Is Now Available in Legendary Raids: Details

Pokémon GO: Shiny Rayquaza

As promised, Niantic Labs has released Rayquaza and Rayquaza in color in the Level Five Legendary Raids: let’s see all the news.

At the time of this writing, Rayquaza is officially back in Raid Legendary Level Five of GO Pokémon, exactly as promised by the developers of Niantic Labs over the last few days (and by a mysterious announcement). Let’s see the details.

Rayquaza has not been seen for a long time in the Legendary Raids of Pokémon GO: now all the Trainers who have not yet captured and registered a specimen will be able to do so. From the point of view of the dates of the event, Rayquaza will remain in the Five-Level Raids of Pokémon GO from today until next September 2, 2019. Another noteworthy novelty, however, is the arrival of Rayquaza Shiny.

For the first time ever since the worldwide launch of Pokémon GO, in fact, Rayquaza Shiny will be available in Level Five Raids. On average you will need to meet 40 normal specimens before you can get your hands on the chromatic version, but being purely random calculations it is possible that already your first Rayquaza encountered is black! A bit of luck will help you. And of course, the best Pokémon with super-effective attacks against Rayquaza, especially ice-type ones, will help you.

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