Pokémon GO: The Fifth Generation of Unima in a First Video of Niantic Labs


Niantic Labs has released the first video to celebrate the arrival of the Fifth Generation of Unima on Pokémon GO: here it is.

Very little is left to the arrival of the Fifth Generation of Unova on Pokémon GO: she will be the protagonist of the third week of the Ultra Bonus on Pokémon GO. Niantic Labs has just published a nice video to celebrate the launch of new content.

The following video celebrates the arrival of the Fifth Generation of Unima on Pokémon GO. As happened last fall, of course not all the new generation mostriciattoli will be released at the same time: for now, there are about ten, including the starters of the generation. However, Niantic Labs is providing a more than valid reason to leave the house and run to play in the nearest park.

The first Pokémon of the Fifth Generation of Unova in Pokémon GO will be accompanied by the release of the Unification Stone, which can only be obtained by weekly rewards (special research). It will allow you to evolve certain species of particular Pokémon.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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