Poland at the end of the list of health care expenditure in the EU

The report made available by Eurostat analyzes the expenditure allocated to health care in the EU countries, comparing the data for 2019 and 2020. They show that In 2020, during the first year of the pandemic, Poland allocated 4.8 percent to health care. GDP – the least of all. In addition, this figure is 0.3 percentage points. GDP lower than the total expenditure allocated to health in 2019, informs Eurostat.

This is the worst result in the entire European Union. As reported by the European Statistical Office, we are also the only country to record a decrease in health care spending last year compared to 2019. The authors of the study emphasize, however, that the negative increase in spending on the Polish health care may be partly due to the fact that nominal GDP decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Germany spent the most on healthcare in 2020 – 11.2 percent. GDP, second on the list is France, which allocated 10.00 percent to healthcare. and the third Belgium – 8.8 percent. GDP. Poland last on the list (4.8% of GDP) is preceded by Estonia (5.1%) and Latvia (5.2%). Comparing the expenditure of funds transferred in 2019 and 2020, the largest percentage increase in relation to GDP was recorded in Cyprus – by 2.2 percentage points (pp), in Belgium – by 1.3 pp and in the Czech Republic – by 1.2 pp.

While preparing the report, the data for health care, disease and social benefits were taken into account.

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