Poland in 5th place in the entire European Union! However, are we an automotive giant? [RAPORT]

Although sales of new cars across Europe are falling headlong, it seems that Poland is growing into the name of an automotive giant. Of course – and in Poland, the number of new car registrations has dropped, but still … 5th place in the entire European Union? This is not a joke.

Poland in 5th place in the EU!

The decline in new car registrations across the European Union is due to a number of factors. We could list here for a long time, but the most important ones include the coronavirus pandemic, rising fuel prices, the chip market crisis … Uncertainty on the market is not conducive to shopping, and even those who decide to buy a new car have to wait forever for it. Nevertheless, the results from 2021 are better than in 2020. October alone is different.

However, compared to other countries, Poland is doing quite well. In the European Union, in October 2021, the number of registered cars decreased by 30.3% compared to the same month of 2020. The largest decrease was recorded in Lithuania (54.8%), Austria (39.2%), Belgium (35.3%) and Germany (34.9%).

Interestingly, only two countries from the European Union recorded an increase in registered new cars. In Cyprus it was 5.2%, but we are talking about negligibly low figures. In October 2020, 774 new cars were registered there, and in 2021 … 814. Ireland was the second country with a much greater increase.


2021 better than 2020

Poland also recorded a decrease – by 22%. Nevertheless, in October we were in the 5th place in the European Union in terms of registered cars. More new cars appeared only in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Thus, we overtook countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.

When it comes to the entire year 2021 – from January to October, we are among the countries that have registered more cars than a year ago! The increase in this statistics was 12.9%. As many as 378,534 new cars appeared in our country. In this statistic, we are also in 5th place in the EU.

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