“Poland is under attack from two sides – by Belarus and European Union officials”

“Each meeting of the Polish prime minister is noted by European and non-European diplomats. This is Poland’s added value in a situation where The Republic of Poland is attacked by Belarus and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin on the one hand, and by European Union officials on the other, who use similar terminology as they do in relation to Belarus. They impose sanctions on Poland, an example of which are the penalties for Turnów and the penalty for the Disciplinary Chamber “ – He said.

According to Rzońca Poland is visible on the international arena.

“We have a strategic position in relation to East and West and we should wish the Prime Minister Morawiecki and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, prof. (Zbigniew) Rau put a lot of effort into continuing the diplomatic steps taken. The more that here in Brussels and Strasbourg a bit late, but the threat posed by Putin’s Russia is becoming more and more apparent, in relation to Ukraine and the European Union. Most importantly this threat is perceived by ordinary EU citizens, who fear that due to the lack of gas, companies will close their activities, people will lose their jobs, and the apartments will not be supplied with heat and electricity “ – added MP Rzońca.

Source: PAP, niezalezna.pl

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