Poles blur the difference between a human and a robot. “People have crossed ethical boundaries many times”

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Polish technological thought is one of the most intriguing in the world. Another proof of this appeared with the presentation of the progress of the work of Clone Inc. – a company founded by Poles that deals with “cloning” the human body. Cloning in a slightly different sense than what we are used to. In the case of their work, it is about recreating the human body in the machine as accurately as possible. We can admire the effect now – the film, in which they present an ultra-realistic looking robo-hand lifting weights, delighted practically the whole world.

We talked to the creators about their unusual invention and further development plans for the project in the latest episode of Technicznie Rzecz Biorąc. Both gentlemen referred, inter alia, to to what challenges they have to face today, as well as whether their work could potentially be used in other areas of life – medicine, industry or the military.

We also raised issues such as alternative projects that giants, for example in the USA, are working on – of course, we are talking about Boston Dynamics or even the Shadow Robot Company. A large segment is also devoted to discussing the “mortality” of the human mapping machine and how it is designed so that it cannot endanger humans in any way.

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