Poles fear for their health. They buy them for the power – o2

Cautious like a Pole

Poles spent over PLN 760 million on private health insurance. It is nearly 15 percent. more than a year earlier. In Poland, almost 3.7 million had health insurance purchased, which means an increase by 17%. compared to the previous year and by nearly 6 percent. q / q


As indicated by Dorota M. Fal, advisor to the management board of the Polish Chamber of Insurance, in a conversation with the Banker, we observe it getting worse health condition of the whole society. The results are that Poles rushed to specialists and research. The second visible direction is inflation, which does not bypass health benefits – explains the expert.

More and more people from outside large cities are covered by additional insurance. The number of group policies is also growing.

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According to the portal, the main criterion for choosing such policies is an attractive price, as well as easier appointment with a general practitioner and quick diagnostics. Poles are most interested in packages that include access to basic health care and several specialist doctors.


The Polish Insurance Association also informs that that at the same time, the number of benefits provided under private health insurance is increasing, which is evidence of the deepening health debt in Poland.


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