Poles follow in the footsteps of Rozenek and Wiśniewski. Record of consumer bankruptcies

In 2021, consumer bankruptcy was announced in relation to 18 205 people. This is an increase of 39.14 percent. compared to 2020 Over the past seven years, nearly 60,000 people have declared bankruptcy. Poles, but only from March 2020, any declaration of bankruptcy by the debtor is accepted. Earlier – only those not attributable to the applicant. The change in regulations caused an avalanche of bankruptcies already from mid-2020. After that, the curve only grew.

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Sharp increase in bankruptcies from mid-2020

The declaration of consumer bankruptcy is a chance to free ourselves from debts if we are unable to pay them back. According to the latest regulations – no matter how the debt arose. From 1 January 2015 to 24 March 2020, at least half of the bankruptcy petitions were dismissed, currently each bankruptcy filing by the debtor ends with its declarationand the court decides in what amount and for how long the debtor will pay the liabilities.

The number of consumer bankruptcies in Poland began to increase rapidly from mid-2020. Apart from the aforementioned change in regulations, one of the reasons for this growth dynamics was certainly the pandemic and the financial problems associated with it for many Poles.

This is how the number of consumer bankruptcies grew from 2015 to 2021.

This is how the number of consumer bankruptcies grew from 2015 to 2021.


Instead of the entrepreneur – the consumer is bankrupt

The new regulations also opened up the possibility of solving the debt problem for people who ran a sole proprietorship, which significantly increased the number of official bankruptcies.

“The provisions in force from March 24, 2020 allow for the declaration of consumer bankruptcy, in principle, for every non-entrepreneur – it is enough for him to have at least one debt that he is unable to pay. the phenomenon of closure of activities by sole proprietors and filing for bankruptcy as a consumer“- said Łukasz Lewandowski from DSK Depa Szmit Kuźmiak Jackowski, quoted by Law.pl.

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