Poles would like to limit access to public places for the unvaccinated

2021-11-19 19:52

2021-11-19 19:52

Poles would like to limit access to public places for the unvaccinated
Poles would like to limit access to public places for the unvaccinated
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Nearly 54 percent Poles support the idea of ​​limiting access to public places for people who have not received the COVID-19 vaccination, 65 percent. supports the obligation to vaccinate medical personnel – according to the IBRiS survey for “Events”, published on the polsatnews.pl portal.

In the IBRiS study for the “Events” website, respondents were asked whether people who were not vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, causing COVID-19, should be banned from entering public places, e.g. restaurants, cinemas or mass events.

53.8 percent were in favor of the ban. respondents, including 27.9% chose the answer “I strongly agree”, and 25.9 percent. “I rather agree”. 41.3 percent are against the ban. respondents, including 15.1 percent. chose the answer “rather disagree”), and 26.2 percent. “I strongly disagree.” 4.9% do not have an opinion on this subject. subjects.

As stated, the introduction of the ban is least often supported by thirty-year-olds (29%), and most often supported by people aged 60-69 (77%). Attitudes are also differentiated by education – the higher the respondent has, the more often he supports the ban.

Respondents were also asked whether vaccinations against COVID-19 should be mandatory for doctors and healthcare professionals. Such an idea is supported by 65.2 percent. respondents; “I definitely agree” answered 42.5 percent. of the respondents, “rather agree” – 22.7 percent 30.7 percent are of the opposite opinion. respondents; the answer “rather disagree” was indicated by 10.9 percent. of those surveyed, “I strongly disagree” – 19.8 percent The answer “I do not know / hard to say” was given by 4.1 percent.

A similar result was obtained in the question concerning the obligatory vaccination for teachers. 57.9 percent respondents supported this idea; the answer “I definitely agree” was chosen by 34.3 percent, “I rather agree” – 23.6 percent. 39% of teachers were against compulsory vaccination of teachers. respondents; the answer “I strongly disagree” was chosen by 26.1% respondents, and “rather disagree” 12.9 percent subjects. 3.2 percent of the respondents chose the answer “I don’t know / hard to say”.

The survey also asked whether employers should be allowed to request information from an employee about vaccination against the coronavirus. This idea was supported by 55.9 percent. respondents; the answer “I definitely agree” was chosen by 25.9 percent respondents, and 30 percent. “I rather agree”. The opposite opinion is shared by 37.4 percent. respondents; “I strongly disagree” was answered by 23.9 percent. of those surveyed, “I rather disagree” – 13.5 percent There are no 6.8 percent of the opinion on this matter. subjects.

The survey participants were also asked: “As in Singapore, should the unvaccinated who develop COVID-19 pay for treatment themselves?” The idea was supported by 35 percent. respondents; the answer “I definitely agree” was chosen by 19.8 percent. of the respondents, and “rather agree” – 15.2 percent. 51.6% of the respondents had a different opinion. respondents; the answer “I strongly disagree” was chosen by 31.2 percent respondents, and “rather disagree” – 20.4 percent. The answer “I don’t know / hard to say” was indicated by 13.5 percent. subjects.

The survey was carried out on November 18, using the method of telephone, standardized computer-assisted questionnaire (CATI) interviews, on a group of 1,100 people.

Author: Danuta Starzyńska-Rosiecka


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