Polestar 3 officially announced. We know when it will hit the market

Polestar is gradually expanding its range. One of the novelties planned for 2022 is the model marked with the number 3, which will technically have a lot in common with the two. However, it will get a sharper body with muscular wheel arches and sills as well as higher ground clearance.

The electric competition is getting interesting. We compare the Tesla 3, Polestar 2 and Jaguar I-Pace

Nothing accelerates development like competition. It is clearly visible in the electricians field, where the Jaguar I-Pace suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and literally …

This recently fashionable combination of SUV and coupe features is to provide not only an interesting appearance, but also a large space in the cabin. The manufacturer, however, does not reveal too many details. It is also difficult to talk about details, as these are carefully covered with camouflage.

It is known that the Polestar 3 will be produced at the American factory in Charleston. The same from which the new Volvo XC90 is to be launched. According to the plan, the production of the electrician is to start next year. The place is not accidental as the brand has high hopes for the USA.

The sideline promises to be dynamic

Thomas Ingenlat, president of Polestar, revealed that the 3 will be a car with two rows of seats and advanced technologies of autonomous driving. There will be poorer configurations with one engine and richer, AWD, with two engines.

Currently, Polestar vehicles are available for purchase in 14 markets. By 2023, however, this number is expected to increase to at least 30. Sales plans are also bold, which today amount to 29,000. copies per year. In 3 years it will be 10 times more.

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