Polestar will challenge Tesla again. Heralds a large sedan with a strange range

Polestar has released the first video that shares the process of creating the Polestar 5 & hairsp; – & hairsp; model from the Precept concept to the production version. By the way, graphics were also shown to reflect the shapes of the finished product. It will be modern and dynamic, and at the same time similar to the concept version.

Polestar Precept is a preview of the brand’s future. It’s not like a Volvo at all

Polestar showed a new concept that differs significantly from previous projects. Swedish stylists managed to hide almost completely …

You can see that the Swedes are not going to make any concessions in terms of design, taking advantage of the fact that the electric automobile is “allowed more”. Polestar 5 promises to be very futuristic and muscular. And although the shapes may some people associate with the Porsche Taycan, the Audi RS e-tron GT or the Tesla Model S, there will certainly be individualism.

It is worth noting that the 5 will be a slightly smaller car than the mentioned ones. At least in terms of a length of 4.7 meters. Because the wheelbase of 3.1 meters is close to the Mercedes S-Class.

Interestingly, the video you can find above, is the first episode of a miniseries prepared by Polestar. The next ones will be published on youtube, allowing us to get acquainted with this structure and follow the progress in its development.

The manufacturer still does not reveal the details of the drive, but boasts the expected range it will be no more than 500 km. Brand representatives say that more is not needed. However, they pay attention to another important aspect, which is the possibility of quick charging.

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