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From September 2, in the border zone with Belarus, a state of emergency applies, which covers 183 localities in the Lubelskie and Podlaskie voivodships. It is scheduled to end on November 30.

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2,000 migrants in a Belarusian warehouse. Many children ran out of space. “It’s too cold…”

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The Senate adopted an amendment to the act on the protection of the state border

Senate human rights and local government committees adopted amendments to the act on the protection of the state border. The amendments voted by senators concern the unconditional admission of journalists to the border zone and the fact that the law should apply in the areas indicated during the adoption of the regulations on the state of emergency. Senators also want to extend the compensation for entrepreneurs operating in the border areas in the hotel, entertainment and transport industries.

The shining cross in the parish of  st.  Andrzej Bobola in LublinLublin. A huge illuminated cross blinds the residents of the estate [ZDJĘCIA]

– In fact, as I understand it, this act regulates one issue. How to selectively choose journalists who will get the grace of finding themselves in the border area – said Janusz Pęcherz, senator of the Civic Coalition, quoted by RMF FM.

On Tuesday, the legislative office of the upper chamber announced that the amendment to the act was unconstitutional, violating, inter alia, the right to: free movement, access to public information or work. The Senate ignored the bureau’s position and decided that the situation on the border requires the adoption of an amendment, despite its inconsistency with the constitution.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.Morawiecki wanted to appear in the EP, but was not allowed to do so

Amendment to the law on border protection

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Bartosz Grodecki said that the amendment to the act on border protection is primarily intended to ensure that effective measures are taken in this regard by the Border Guard. At a meeting of the Senate Committee on Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Petitions, as well as local government and state administration, the deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration explained that due to the current crisis on the border with Belarus, it was necessary to create appropriate conditions for the Border Guard officers to perform their statutory tasks. Bartosz Grodecki said that the amendment envisaged the possibility of introducing a temporary ban on staying in a specific area of ​​the border zone. He added that the ban would be issued on the basis of the ordinance of the minister of interior and administration, after consulting the commander-in-chief of the Border Guard. It stated that the time and place of its application would be specified therein.

Granica Group appeals

The current migration crisis has been triggered and escalated by the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka and his services. The aim of these activities is to destabilize the situation in Poland, and to exert political pressure on the entire European Union. In the face of the real threat of deterioration of the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, we publish:

Granica Group’s appeal to create a humanitarian corridor

Due to the growing risk of an escalation of violence on the Polish-Belarusian border, the Granica Group appealed to national and international institutions, including the United Nations, the Ombudsman and the OSCE. Activists call for monitoring the situation and putting pressure on the Polish authorities to ensure that they immediately provide humanitarian and medical aid at the border. The government was also called upon to create a humanitarian corridor.

Instead of illegal deportations, violence and ignoring the humanitarian crisis, we demand protection of life and health, opposition to torture, and protection and respect for the rights of migrants. As a state, we have a duty to provide assistance to people exploited by the Lukashenka regime – international protection for people fleeing violence, persecution or war, and for the rest of them a safe return home. It is not only a moral imperative, but also an obligation under international law.

In the face of the real threat of an escalation of the situation on the border, we appeal to the government and the Border Guard, the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Territorial Defense Forces to respect the basic principles of humanitarianism, to take actions to save the life and health of migrants, i.e. women, children, elderly people and men who flee countries affected by conflicts, persecution and destabilization.

There can be no violence or violations of human rights at the Polish border, which we have been observing for weeks. A safe border is one where migrants can count on protection. It’s one where no one dies. “

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