Polish Cup. Raków scored Bruk-Bet

The more clever, more specific and more calculating players won. This is the best punch line between Bruk-Bet and Raków Częstochowa in the 1/8 finals of the Polish Cup. A year ago, both teams also played in the Polish Cup and also Raków turned out to be better.

Bruk-Bet Termalica – Raków Częstochowa. Rakow’s lightning attacks

The hosts were quickly brought down to the ground. In addition, at your own request. They started this match badly and they played nervously from the first whistle. Especially Marcin Wasielewski, who suffered simple losses. Mariusz Lewandowski in an interview with a Polsat reporter said that he decided on a set of hungry footballers. This hunger was only noticeable after the first quarter of an hour. Before the players of Bruk-Bet got hungry for good, they were already losing 0: 1. Ivi Lopez served Fabio Sturgeon with a good pass. He wound up Wasielewski and put the ball into Łukasz Budziłek’s goal.

Raków’s goal action showed how fast Marek Papszun’s players are able to transport the ball close to the opponents’ goal. Raków was repetitive in this element. A few minutes later, Walerian Gwilia served Kuna with a perfect perpendicular pass, but he missed the goal. Mariusz Lewandowski’s players did not draw conclusions. It took revenge at the end of the first half. Again, Gwilia played a good ball in the back line. Fran Tudor caught up with her and played against Ben Lederman and it was 0: 2.


Kacper Trelowski was also a strong point of the guests. He neuer twice and successfully intervened outside the penalty area. He defended very confidently. He showed off an excellent intervention after a strong shot by Marcin Wasielewski. The young goalkeeper with this intervention almost overpaid with an injury, because after parrying the ball, he hit the post with his head. In fact, you could find fault with Trelowski only once, when he sloppily kicked the ball from the goal and thus gave the ball to the hosts for free. In addition, he made a very good performance and replaced Vladan Kovacevic with dignity.

In the first part of the game, Termalica had a problem with making a counterattack. After all, Raków did not play flawlessly. Losses happened to him, which the hosts could use better. A symbol of the wrong solution to the counterattack was the behavior of Martin Zeman after the loss of Ben Lederman. The Czech not only slowed down the action, but also ended up hitting Papanikoloau twice when trying to cross.

Bruk-Bet Termalica – Raków Częstochowa. Good other half

During the break, Mariusz Lewandowski made three changes. Putivcew, Wasielewski and Pek left the field. The changes were made according to the principle: first, to tighten the defense. The one at the beginning of the second part of the game was still full of holes. Raków entered the hosts’ penalty area as he wanted. This changed after a few minutes as the hosts began to play bolder. They pushed Rakow on the defensive for several minutes. Muris Mesanovic had some good times, but he was unable to get the ball into the goal. The ball was looking for him, but he couldn’t take advantage of it. Michal Hubinek, Piotr Wlazło and Mateusz Grzybek played bolder, but there was no decisive action at Trelowski’s goal.

Of course, Raków bitten off, but for most of the second half of his actions there was no such momentum as in the first part of the meeting. Ivi Lopez was close to scoring the number three goal for Raków, who hit the crossbar and left the field a few minutes later. Mateusz Wdowiak, who worked well with Fran Tudor, gave a nice change. However, Daniel Szelągowski had the best situation to close the match. Sebastian Musiolik cleverly missed the ball, but the youth from Częstochowa did not manage to beat Łukasz Budziłek. Nevertheless, Raków won quite confidently and can already think about Saturday’s match in Gdańsk.

Bruk-Bet Termalica – Raków Częstochowa 0: 2 (0: 2)

F. Sturgeon 8 ′, Lederman 43 ′


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