Polish day on the track! Four times the world cup podium! Each sensational!

It began with a sensation in the competition for 500 meters of women. Kaja Ziomek was on the lowest step of the podium. The 24-year-old broke her life record with a time of 37.746 seconds. The Polish woman lost only to the American Erin Jackson and the Japanese Nao Kodair. For Ziomek, it is the first podium in his career. They can achieve them just a week ago in the competition in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, where she was drunk, but she was only 0.02 seconds short of the third place. This time it worked. In the same competition, Andelika Wjcik took a good ninth place with a time of 38,198.

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An even bigger surprise was the result of Marek Kania at the same distance in the men’s competition. The Pole also took third place and broke his life record just like Ziomek. The time of 35.076 will allow him to be on the lowest step of the podium. Only Canadian Laurent Dubreuil and Russian Artem Arefjew were better. It is worth adding here that it was the first time that Kania competed with the best skaters. Last weekend in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Kania was racing in division B and won promotion to the elite there.

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In addition, Kania, together with Piotr Michalski and Damian Urek, took third place in the team sprint. Kania runs one lap, Michalski passes two and Urek passes three. Only the Norwegians and the Chiczians turned out to be better than the Poles. This is the second podium of Poles in the team competition in the history of the World Cup. The previous one took place in December 2016, when Artur Nogal, Piotr Michalski and Sebastian Kosiski stood on the lowest step of the podium.

Our skaters including Andelika Wjcik, Kaja Ziomek and Natalia Czerwonka were the most successful. The Polish women won the team sprint and repaid the teams from Norway and China. It was these teams that took second and third place.

In the previous three seasons, Polish skaters and female skaters did not make it to the podium of the World Cup. In Stavanger alone, he was three times on the bottom of the podium and won the team sprint once. Let us add that in Tomaszów Mazowiecki the third place was taken by Zbigniew Brdka, who returned to the discipline.

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