Polish designer in the American program with Heidi Klum. He has a million dollar chance!

Pole in the American fashion program

Talent shows are quite popular. Raf Swiader is participating in the latest edition of “Making the Cut”. The designer was born in Sosnowiec, but for many years he has been making a career in New York, where he has his own studio. So far, the Pole is coping well with the competition, and how will it be next? Time will tell. However, participating in “Making the Cut” will allow Raf to show the world his skills. One of his recent designs is a mens long striped high waisted skirt. A white shirt with a short dolman sleeve also adds a final look to the stretch. Interestingly, its nodules are made of a river shell. The jury appreciates the skills of the young designer, and his clothes are highly appreciated among them. Products made during the program can be purchased on the official Amazon website.

Raf Swiader / Projekt z 'Making the Cut'Raf Swiader / Projekt z ‘Making the Cut’ Instagram @makingthecuttv / @rswiader

“Making the Cut” opportunities for emerging designers

“Making the Cut” is an American fashion show created by Amazon Original, which is attended by designers from all over the world. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, challenge participants to win. And there is what he is fighting for! The main prize is not only a million dollars, but also brand recognition and a place on the Amazon Fashion storefront. The second season of production is currently available on Prime Video.

The most fashionable spdnice on sale!

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