Polish footballer punished very severely by FIFA! He was setting up matches

  • Paweł Cibicki was disqualified by FIFA for four years, previously the Swedish football federation suspended him for the same period
  • The footballer was proven to set up a match, specifically a bet on an event with his participation
  • The court did not believe the player’s explanations that it was just a loan that he had repaid two days later
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The decision was made at the request of the Swedish football federation SvFF, which previously suspended the player for the same period.

“This is a very positive decision and it is exactly what we expect in similar cases,” SvFF chief lawyer Christine Strindsberg told the Swedish channel SVT.

– In today’s world of global football it is extremely easy to move to another country after being punished in one country and continue to play, so the penalties for this type of activity must be global, because that’s what football is – she added.

On December 15, the footballer was convicted by a Swedish appeals court for accepting a bribe for arranging a match in 2019. However, he appealed to the Swedish sports confederation. If she decides to acquit or softens the judgment of the court, FIFA – as she pointed out – will also change its decision in accordance with the verdict of the confederation.

It is about the match between Kalmar FF and IF Elfsoborg. Cibicki was supposed to force a yellow card for himself with a foul and behavior towards the referee, and two players on the betting portal posted, as the court stated, “abnormally high sums” for this incident. They used as many as 27 gaming accounts. The footballer later received 300,000. salary crowns (then approx. PLN 120 thousand).

In May, during a hearing in Malmoe County Court, Cibicki explained that it was a short-term loan and was acquitted for lack of evidence.

The Swedish football federation SvFF, after conducting its own investigation in September, disqualified the player for four years, forbidding him from any sports activity in the country. She also asked FIFA to extend it worldwide.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor of the appellate court presented evidence of a loan agreement for 300,000. crowns signed three days before the game and paid two days after the game.

The court decided that, in view of the evidence, there was an extremely low probability that the bets on a yellow card were accidental and sentenced Cibicki to a suspended sentence. However, he declined to impose a fine due to the economic situation and the lack of income of a professional footballer disqualified by the SvFF.

According to the daily “Expressen”, a very important evidence for the court was the exceptionally clean performance of Cibicki, who throughout his career in Allsvenskan, until the match with Kalmar FF, received only two yellow cards, and therefore the bookmakers’ bets for such a possibility were so high. Therefore, according to the court, it could not have been a coincidence, especially since the footballer deliberately provoked the referee in such a way as to be punished.

According to the Aftonbladet daily, it is a well-deserved punishment, although suspended. “A gamer addicted to gambling has already been severely punished by the SvFF with the practical end of his career – society would gain nothing from the penalty of unconditional imprisonment,” commented.

Cibicki, 28, was born in Malmoe. Considered one of Sweden’s greatest talents. He played 10 games for the Swedish U-21 national team and – having dual citizenship – one in the Polish U-19 and U-20 teams.

He started his career at the local Malmoe FF in 2013. In 2018 he played for Norwegian Molde and in 2019 for Swedish IF Elfsborg. In 2017-2020 he was a Leeds United footballer. In January 2020, he became a player of Pogoń Szczecin.

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