Polish handball players defeated Iran. The first such victory in history

These two meetings in an unheated hall in Cuenca are the last tests of the White and Reds before the European Championships, which our team will start on January 14. They are to give coach Patryk Rombl answers to the last questions about the selection for the tournament in Slovakia.

It is worth noting that it was the first ever meeting between Poland and Iran, and also the first during the term of coach Romblo, in which his team scored as many as 20 goals in the first half. The record of his team so far is 18 hits against Algeria in 2020. Worse, at the same time the Poles scored 18 goals, which in the confrontation with a not very strong opponent is not a reason for glory.

Of course, it was not about the result the most, but about how our team performs in different settings. The Poles started in the middle of defense with Patryk Walczak and Melwin Beckman and, to put it mildly, it is not really a dream duo. In a quarter of an hour, the Iranians were throwing as many goals through the center as if they were at least Swedes or Danes. It looked very bad. Beckman didn’t show much in the attack either, breaking three of the five throws. In the left leg he was changed by Damian Przytuła, but two boxes and a penalty of 2 minutes did not bring him closer to the European squad. Adam Morawski did not present himself in a completely tournament form. Our primary goalkeeper let in at least four or five balls that he should have hit.

After the break, Mateusz Kornecki entered the goal and showed that he did not intend to let go of the competition with Morawski for a place in the seventh place at the European Championships. The defense, in which Piotr Chrapkowski (in tandem with Dawydzik) appeared, also looked better. Again, after about 15 minutes, they got Przytuła first, and then Beckman, and this time they both played better, but not at a level unattainable for Ariel Pietrasik, who will probably get the opportunity to show off in Saturday’s match against the Spaniards. In general, Biało-Czerwoni played much better in the second half, but the real test of the possibilities will be organized by the hosts. Arkadiusz Moryto (10 goals) and Michał Daszek (4) deserve a distinction, but the right wing has not been subject to any exams in this team for years.

Poland – Iran 35:29 (20:18)

Poland: Kornecki, Morawski – Przytuła 3, Daszek 4, Jędraszczyk, Olejniczak 1, Walczak 1, Pietrasik, Adamski 4, Beckman 5, Czuwara 4, Pilitowski, Syprzak, Moryto 10, Krajewski, M. Gębala, Przybylski, Dawydzik 3, Chrapkowski. Trainer: Rombel.

Iran: Siavoshi, Kazerooni, Sarposhi – Heidarpour 4, Kazemi 2, Esteki, Norouzineshad, Jahani 3, Kabirianjoo 1, Taheri, Mosavi, Aboyi, Kiani 2, Oraei 4, Gholamiesbouei 1, Samsami, Sadeghi 11, Asari 1. Trainer: Montoya.

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