Polish jumper with a positive test result

The first individual competition of the new season of the World Cup in ski jumping is ahead of us. On Friday, we heard only positive information from Nizhny Tagil – about Kamil Stoch’s victory in the qualifying round. Saturday, i.e. the competition day, begins with a lot of uncertainty.

Positive test in Nizhny Tagil? “Nervously in the Polish camp”

After the increased number of coronavirus infections in the world, the FIS ordered an additional test before Saturday’s competition. And as the journalist of Skijumping.pl, Dominik Formela, informed, there was a small commotion after him. People in white overalls appeared at the hotel, and an ambulance in front of him.

False start of Polish jumpers.  It is known what could be the reasonFalse start of Polish jumpers. It is known what could be the reason

The information provided by the TVP Sport journalist, Filip Czyszanowski, seems to be the most disturbing. “Strangely nervous in the Polish camp before leaving for the ski jumps. Doctor Winiarski, when asked if all the negative ones fell into the elevator without a word” – he wrote on Twitter. Then he added that the doctor of Polish jumpers did not want to provide information about the results.

Officially: Two cases of coronavirus infection in the WC in Nizhny Tagil

UPDATE, November 20 at 14:42: Eurosport journalist, Kacper Merk, announced that two cases of coronavirus infection at competitions have been officially confirmed.

We now know that there are three cases. One of them is, unfortunately, a Polish jumper – Klemens Murańka. Will be tested again. The entire staff does not have to be isolated. Murańka did not qualify for Saturday’s competition in Nizhny Tagil after a poor jump in qualifying. The others infected were an American and a German.

– It’s clear now. American, German and Pole with positive results … Muranka with positive results (again). No symptoms, he was taken for a second test. The rest is jumping as normal – reported the journalist of Sport.pl, Piotr Majchrzak.

Here we go again! This time, the entire team without exclusion

The information about Klemens Murańka has already been confirmed by the Polish Ski Association. Let us recall that Murańka had a partially positive result at the beginning of the 4-Hills-Tournament last season and then the entire Polish team was temporarily excluded from qualifying in Oberstdorf. These were played, and later, when Murańka received two negative test results, the Poles were returned to the competition, and the qualifying results were not taken into account. Later, the whole event was won by Kamil Stoch.

– Not all of them will come to the hill. We are waiting for official information. There is not much to say, but not all of the team will be excluded. Only a person with a positive result – said Tadeusz Mieczyński in the Skijumping.pl report.

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We asked the head of the competition, Sergey Zyrianov and the director of the World Cup, Sandro Pertile, about a possible positive test result, but so far we have not received an answer. – I think we are clean, because no one told us about anything – said the Norwegian coach Alexander Stoeckl. His staff and jumpers did not know the test results even a moment before the start of the trial series (14:45).

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The trial series in Nizhny Tagil started at 2:45 pm, and the competition is scheduled to start at 4:00 pm. Live coverage on Sport.pl and in the Sport.pl LIVE application.

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