Polish law and car leasing. The panic among entrepreneurs

In connection with the provisions adopted under the Polish Order, the rules regarding the purchase of vehicles for private property for companies are changing after the end of the leasing contract. From January 1, 2022, the entrepreneur will be obliged to pay in such a situation income tax and VAT when selling a car.

Until now, lessees could privately buy a car after the end of the leasing contract and then resell it to another person after half a year of use, without the need to pay income tax.

From January 2022, new regulations will extend this period up to 6 years. In order to sell the car before their expiry, the entrepreneur will have to pay tax on the value of the vehicle. The changes will also include VAT tax.

It is currently being paid from the last leasing installment, i.e. in practice it is 1 percent. car values. The new rules, however, make it a case of purchasing a vehicle for private property it will be paid on the real market value of the car, not on the surrender value.

Market analysts predict that the popularity of products with a high surrender value, such as TCM or Full Service Leasing, will increase as a result. The second option may be interesting especially for those customers who do not care about buying the car after the end of the contract. After the expiry of the contract, the customer returns the car to the rental company and takes another one in return for the agreed monthly subscription.

At this stage, however, these are only predictions, and more can be said in this context only after the first quarter of 2022.

However, it can already be seen that the Polish Deal’s proposal has led to a situation in which a large number of customers have decided to early termination of the leasing contract in 2021to avoid having to submit to the new rules of buying and selling a car.

The regulations are also to apply to obligations already made, which will end after January 1, 2022.

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