Polish order and lump sum traps. Experts warn

Experts quoted by Rzeczpospolita warn, however, that it is easy to fall into various traps.

– The transition to a flat rate may be a simplification when the entrepreneur is not a VAT owner and provides homogeneous services, taxed at a single rate. In other situations, it can mean serious complications – says Cezary Szymaś from the accounting office ASCS-Consulting.

How will the influencer be settled?

According to Rzeczpospolita, for example an athlete-influencer may have problems. He will pay 15 percent from advertising revenues on a lump sum. However, it is not known what rate to settle for granting an image license, e.g. in books. – Entrepreneurs do not know which rate to choose, because the flat-rate act does not define it directly – believes Cezary Szymaś.

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