Polish Order. Less than half of small businesses will see benefits

– Small companies will benefit from the solutions introduced by the Polish Deal – Piotr Arak, director of PIE, began in an interview with PAP. He then cited figures that show that only a fraction of these small businesses will benefit.

– Most of the small enterprises operating in the country settle accounts using the tax scale because their revenues for the rope tax are too small. AND 40 percent such micro-enterprises that account for the scale will benefit from the new tax solutions. It is 500,000 small companies with incomes lower than 6,000. PLN per month – said Piotr Arak.

Those paying the flat tax will not feel the benefits of the Polish Deal, but in their case the changes to the originally planned ones have been softened.

– The change introduced in Poland is nothing special compared to other European countries. In most of them, the health insurance premium is related to the level of income, and although there are differences in terms of the basis, the general rule that the health premium depends on the entrepreneur’s income still applies. This is Poland, where the level of the health insurance premium was independent of the entrepreneur’s income level, lagged behind the rest of Europe, explained Arak.

A favorable lump sum for the chosen ones

The Polish Order also introduces changes for those who decide to pay a flat-rate tax on recorded income.

The Polish Order has increased the attractiveness of flat-rate tax settlements. This will make many companies transfer to tax on recorded income, among others because in this case the issue of health insurance has been modified to a lesser extent – with income up to PLN 60,000, the monthly health insurance premium will be around PLN 305, over PLN 60,000. and up to PLN 300 thousand of revenues – less than PLN 510 per month, and over PLN 300 thousand – less than PLN 917. In addition, there was also a reduction in rates for some professions, for example for doctors or IT specialists. So if someone wants to settle taxes in the most simple way, the flat-rate tax has become more attractive – said Piotr Arak.

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