Polish Order. The pensioner will lose PLN 1,200

Retirees are one of the social groups that will be most strongly influenced by the Polish Order. Millions of seniors’ benefits will change from 2022. The vast majority of them will receive more money, but some will lose under the new rules.

As a result of the Polish Deal, Bożena lost as much as PLN 1,200 gross (name changed), which has proven more than 61 contributory years. She always earned twice the national average, worked as a chief specialist and director in state-owned and later private companies. Her pension exceeds 22,000. zloty.

– Of course, someone can say that this is a lot and no harm is happening to me. But I didn’t steal this money, I just earned it. So why is the government taking away my property from me? What about acquired rights? Do we live in a state of law or lawlessness? – asks the woman quoted by “Wyborcza”.

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