Polish Post and work before Christmas. What earnings?

Poczta Polska wants to hire approx. 1.5 thousand. sorting employees and drivers who will help ensure the timely delivery of parcels before Christmas and in connection with Black Friday, the company said, indicating that the predominant form of employment will be contracts of mandate.

As reported in the press release, due to the pandemic situation in Poland Poczta Polska SA expects a significant increase in the demand for courier and parcel services during the upcoming holiday season by at least 60%. compared to previous months. Therefore, the company is getting ready to handle even twice as many shipments than the average volume recorded in the year, including Black Friday.

Poczta Polska intends to employ approx. 1.5 thousand. employees to work in sorting plants and drivers. As part of the recruitment campaign, our company offers commission contracts, said Justyna Siwek, spokeswoman for Poczta Polska, quoted in the press release.

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