Polish representative: my heart ached when I heard what was happening in Kazakhstan

The main reason for tensions in Kazakhstan are the significant increases in fuel prices in the country. Last year, a liter of liquefied gas cost about 50-60 tenge (between 45 and 55 groszy). In recent days, the inhabitants of Kazakhstan had to pay a price that was twice as high, i.e. about 120 tenge (slightly over PLN 1.1). Market changes in the country led to such significant increases. Until now, the authorities have controlled, inter alia, gas prices. Since the beginning of this year, the limits have been lifted. Only the market was to decide about prices.

– Really, the information about the events in Kazakhstan shocked me, this sudden outbreak of the situation, people in the streets. At first I thought it would be a day or two and everything would calm down. And, unfortunately, it has worsened – tells “Przegląd Sportowy” Jacek Góralski, who has been playing in Kairat Almaty since the beginning of 2020.

As he adds, he always felt safe in the country and calls his teammates “nice, polite people”. – My heart ached when I heard what was happening in Kazakhstan. It was impossible to contact your teammates, find out more, because the Internet was cut off all over the country. To be clear – I am not changing my attitude towards Kazakhstan and its people. I can only speak well. I go back there without fear – says the 29-year-old.

Góralski has the last year of his contract in Kazakhstan ahead of him, which means that he can negotiate with a new employer in the summer. However, he greatly appreciates the attitude of the current club. – I owe a lot to my current club. He helped me in a difficult moment, when I had been healing my ligaments for months. President Kairat Boranbayev played a special role. I wish this support from the president of the club to every athlete. He called me with words of support, encouraged me not to rush back onto the field, and he did so when I was fully fit. He allowed rehabilitation in Poland. I do not consider bonding with anyone without knowing Kairat’s decision or taking it behind the back of the club or its boss. After what they did for me – it would fall into – sorry – sucker behavior – says the former Jagiellonia player.

Read the entire interview with Jacek Góralski in “Przegląd Sportowy”

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